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We believe there is a real need for an innovative mindset in today's world. It is not just sufficient to create a great product that customers will love. Entrepreneurship is also about many other things which sometimes can be difficult for a person just venturing into it. The sad reality is 90% of startups fail within 5 years of inception.

"We've had more innovations in a decade than we've had in previous Centuries"

Vivek Wadhwa, Technology Entrepreneur

It is definitely not due to lack of great ideas. In fact, we believe that everyone has a seed of idea within them. Nurturing it into a tree is not just about engineering tasks. There are plenty of non-engineering tasks like marketing, hiring, finance and so on that have to be factored in. A good startup needs strong co-founders, a good understanding of your customers and their needs, a good validation of your product, a way to segment the market and advertise through the right forums to the right customers. In addition, there are millions of mundane tasks that can just really overwhelm you like legal compliance, finance audits etc.

A blend of experience is needed to navigate the world. The traditional ways of doing business is being disrupted at an unimaginable speed and though we think that smaller startups are at a huge disadvantage in terms of manpower and money, the truth is innovation in today's world is less dependent on those. They need a network of people who can help you, a mentor who can guide your way through this complicated journey, and a strong team that can support you in your venture. Innovation travels at the speed of light today and unless you are ready for it, you will get left behind.

Our mission is to build a community that can support each other on their journey.

Thrissur Startups Community

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